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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom...

August 29, 2015 | by: Michael Hildebrandt | 0 comments

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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom...” Pro. 9:10

You’ve heard the saying: “Ignorance is bliss?” I am convinced that this statement has never been more accurate. On the news and in social media, people are applauding recent Supreme Court rulings and government decisions which further promote and force the depth s of depravity upon our, mostly unsuspecting, nation. Men and women are seen cheering as sodomite marriage was made the law of the land. They celebrate that our government will continue to fund planned parenthood to the tune of a half a billion dollars every year. Many welcome a government that makes rats, plants, tiny fish and phony weather reports more important than our own human society. They celebrate the very things that are destroying our nation.

The most sever tragedy… is the utter ignorance regarding the God of the Bible and His pending judgment for our sin! Recently, knowing of their faith in God, one of our members was asked their opinion by severa l co-workers... regarding a famous man who has been in the news because he now claims to be a woman. This members response was swift and Biblical saying: “that person is shaking his fist in the face of God! God does not make mistakes in His creation of men… they are what He predestined them to be. And, unless he repents and turns from his sin, he will be condemned to hell for all eternity!” To that, we wo uld all say: Amen!” However, many of the office workers said: “No way! God would never do that!” The problem is, they have no clue regarding the God of the Bible. They worship a “made up god” of their own imaginations. It is a though a Just God has become the One who is wrong and a nation of sinning people has become what is right. Sin and ignorance!

This is what we’re up against… this is what we face as we attempt to bring God’s Truth to our land. How can we ever prevail against such ignorance?! We can’t! We must plead with God to open their eyes to who He, to what sin is and then to change their hearts from stone to flesh! I pray He will do so beginning right here!