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He will execute judgment for the peoples with equity.

August 29, 2015 | by: Michael Hildebrandt | 0 comments

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“He will execute judgment for the peoples with equity.” Ps. 9:8b

If you follow the news at all, you know that the main story right now is arguably the 2016 presidential race. It seems that it takes up time in almost every newscast and is found somewhere on the main page of most news websites. What this candida te said at the debate! How that candidate lambasted the other in an interview. How that one broke the law and lied. How that one is waiting in the wings to run. On and on to the delight of the newscasters giving them all something to “report.”

Of course, all the candidates are convinced that they have the right way to lead America and they all have thousands of people convinced that they’re right. “Their guy (or woman) is the one who will take America back!” Their candida te is the only one who has: “the right way to get our economy working again.” “Our guy has the experience or the intelligence!” “Our guy can unify the country!” “Our guy has vision!” And yet, in a few months, most of them wi ll be back to their “day jobs” and be all but forgotten. Even Christians get caught up in this fray. They say: “Our guy is against abortion, he’s against sodomite marriage… he will save America!”

Yes, its likely that one of these dozens of men and women running now, will one day be our next president. And don’t get me wrong, I do believe it matters who we elect. However, America does not need, should not expect and never will have a savior from Washington DC! What America needs, seemingly more than ever, is Thee Savior from Galilee... who gave His life on a cross 2000 years ago! America needs to see itself the way God sees it … a nation to whom He gave men to set the foundations based upon His Word. A nation uniquely blessed by Him in every way. A nation with multitudes of His followers whom He cared for and provided for. And, a nation which has now turned its back on Him, His Word, His laws and His ways. A nation deserving His judgment! No, America doesn’t need another politician… what America needs is another anther Great Awakening! Pray earnestly for that!