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He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

August 29, 2015 | by: Michael Hildebrandt | 0 comments

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“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Matt. 11:15

You know about the book by John Bunyan, “Pilgrim’s Progress,” as we’ve mentioned it a few times in recent months. It’s indeed a classic and one of the best selling books of all time. However, it’s n ot the only work by Bunyan. Another volume from his pen was entitled: “The Holy War.” It pictures a town he called “Mansoul,” which actually represents a man’s soul. Enemies come to attack this town, a nd they come to the main gates… “Eargate” and “Eyegate.” You can figure out what they represent!

Once again, Bunyan was so accurate in picturing how satan and the world attack men. They attack at eargate and eyegate, seeking to pull the souls of men away from the Truth of God. Today, there is so much clamor for men’s at tention. There are hundreds of television stations encompassing every imaginable variety of shows from which to choose. There are almost a limitless number of websites that people can visit for news, information, sports and e ntertainment. Then, we have all types of social media that people are often addicted to. Furthermore, there are many who can’t leave their house without posting it on Facebook and then, while they’re going to wherever they’ re going, their face is constantly glued to a computer that happens to have a telephone app. So, how do we cut through the multitude of distractions to bring them God’s Truth?!

It is the same as it has always been in the Kingdom of God… He is the One who opens men’s ears to hear His Truth. He is the One who causes the “scales” to fall from men’s eyes so that they see His truth. In referring to the text above, He is the One who gives men “ears to hear.” That is why, reaching them… reaching men today, must begin with reaching God on their behalf… that is prayer for their salvation!

Now, with that understood… there are also reasonable ways that we must attempt to reach men… to cut through the distractions and bring them truth! And today, that may best be accomplished by using some of the very things that are causing them to be so distracted. For instance, we have a great website that contains much Historic Truth! We have a Facebook page that lets men know of our activities in standing for Truth. So pray that God will use these modern methods to reach the “eargates” and the “eyegates” of men with Truth in our day and we see many saved to His glory!